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GATE students at Linda Vista Elementary School are grouped in clusters within the regular education classroom. Their teachers provide them with a variety of challenging opportunities in all areas. Whenever possible, students engage in higher-level thinking assignments and activities promoting logic and problem solving. Differentiation is used in all core subject matter to challenge each and every student to reach his/her academic potential.

4th and 5th graders who have met district criteria take part in the Linda Vista GATE Academy from October through May. Each year, the focus is different and relates to the STEAM curriculum. This year the 2016-2017 academy will focus on Engineering and Robotics. Students will build a robot using the Lego Mindstorms kit and learn coding in order to participate in school planned competitions and challenges. Students will be visited by a Boeing engineer and learn about GPS and satellites.

To culminate the year, students will travel to USC for the day to experience the Viterbi School of Engineering Robotics Open House.  Students will be shown and introduced to many different types of robots and learn how these machines are useful in society.  At the end of the year, GATE students at Linda Vista Elementary will participate in the District Reading Fair. Each student will work with a group to read and share a book using the Depth and Complexity Icons and Content Imperatives that are an integral part of the GATE curriculum. This information will be showcased on a display board and part of the district wide Reading Fair Showcase in May.  We look forward to an exciting and challenging academy.

Additional information can be found on the District’s GATE website.