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Box Tops (2018-2019)

We are a BOX TOP School!

Last Year We Made $1,650.20!

  • EXPIRED BOX TOPS: We have to throw away all expired BOX TOPS. Last year we threw away over $100 of BOX TOPS due to expired and/or missing parts. Please send BOX TOPS in right away to maximize our earnings and don’t forget to clip the entire BOX TOP (see examples).
  • Tape or glue BOX TOPS on a collection sheet, please no staples as they are not accepted.
  • Check PAWS 411 for collection sheets. More collection sheets are available in the office, on the BOX TOP wall, or online at
  • To learn more about the BOX TOP program, get coupons, collection sheets, and find products, visit
  • Throughout the year we have contests with awesome prizes. Information for the current contest is available in your PAWS 411.
  • Please include your teacher's name on your collection sheet or Ziploc bag.
  • If you have more BOX TOPS, please bundle in groups of 10 or 50 in a sealed bag or envelope, and be sure to write the number of BOX TOPS and teacher's name.
  • Winning classrooms are announced the following Monday after the deadline on LVKN.

More Information

Collection Sheets

We collect BOX TOPS all year long. Don’t let your BOX TOPS go to waste! Clip and send them in! Thanks again Lions for your diligence in sending in your BOX TOPS to support our school!